Caprice32. Copyright (c) 1997-2004 Ulrich Doewich

Many thanks to Ulrich Doewich for permission to embed Caprice32 in CPC Loader.

Caprice32 (1.0 MB)
Version 4.1.0/CPC Loader 1.4
Updated: Jan. 7th 2005

Extensions to the Caprice32 CPC emulator by Troels K:
- Autorun/autotype feature
- Joystick emulation on numeric keypad (numlock must be off)
- F2/F4/F5/F6/F7/F10/PrtScr/Pause implementation (Win32 only)
- Fonts in .xbm files (edit with Gimp)
- Danish keyboard
- Optional default text mode (0,1,2)
- ROMs inside executable (in Win32 resource): CPC emulator in one single exe file.
- 'Internal' ROM feature: <protext.rom>, <utopia.rom>
- Many code changes, to make the project compile with compilers other than GCC. Introduced zlib data types (Byte, uLong, uInt).
- IDE projects (Visual C++ 6, MinGW Developer Studio)
- Optional use of cap32.cfg/registry (Win32 only)
Caprice demonstration packages

Demo 1: theatre_europe.exe  (332 KB)
Demo 2: little_computer_people.exe  (346 KB)
How to make Demo 1 and 2 (749 KB)
Updated: Oct. 25th 2004
This is a demonstration af Caprice32, FreeExtractor and UPX:

theatre_europe.exe is a self-extracting zip file that 'installs' the files arnold.exe and theatre europe.sna, and creates an icon (link) on your desktop. When you click on the icon, Caprice32 launches straight into the game Theatre Europe. Top that!

Here FreeExtractor (tweaked a bit) and UPX are utilized.



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